Apply For Online Grants in Texas

Apply For Online Grants in Texas

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Apply For Online Grants in Texas

Check out the complete list and start applying today for the online grants in Texas.

List of Grants That You Can Apply for in Texas

Housing Grants in Texas

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): Low-income families residing in Texas can avail funds for rental needs and also get apartments at subsidized rates from the owners through HUD. Moreover, there is Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) for the needy families. In 2015 HUD has awarded $12 Million for Permanent Homes and other rental services to extremely low-income people with disabilities in Texas.

Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation: it is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that fulfills the housing needs of underserved populations and economically challenged Texans. It also offers loans at a fixed interest rate and offers assistance for closing costs and down payment.

Texas Home Program: there a huge list of home assistance programs by the Texas Home Program for the eligible candidates. Some of them are:

· Amarillo Housing Rehabilitation Program

· Austin Homeowner Rehabilitation Loan Program

· Heart of Texas Single Family Bond Program

· Houston Single Family Home Repair Program

· Special Housing Adaptations

· Specially Adapted Housing Grants

· Texas First Time Homebuyer Program

· Veterans Home Improvement Loans

· Veterans Housing Assistance

Educational Grants in Texas

Texas Grant: Towards Excellence, Access and Success, or the TEXAS grant offers private funding for qualified and meritorious Texas university students, boosting them for higher education. These also provide educational grants to college and technical schools for interested eligible students. The qualifying criteria are:

· Need to exhibit financial need

· Should have Expected Family Contribution (EFC) less than $4000

Texas Educational Opportunity Grants (TEOG): Texas students planning to attend a public college for two years in the state can avail of this grant program awarded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Students need to have an Expected Family Contribution, not more than $2,000. Eligible students will attain educational support for 4 years or 75 credit hours or till an associate’s degree is achieved. Eligibility criteria are:

· Should register for the Selective Service or exempt from it

· The 9 month EFC should not be more than $4,800

· Should be a Texas resident

· Should not be receiving renewal TEXAS Grant alongside

· Need to be enrolled for at least half-time and be awarded certificate program or associate’s degree in the first 30 hours

Texas Public Educational Grant (TPEG): it is a need-based grant given to students in need of funding. Every institution may set their eligibility criteria and the award amounts for undergraduate or graduate students for full- or part-time learning course. Participation is eligible for in-state public colleges or universities in Texas

Eligibility criteria for applicants are:

· Should be Texas residents, non-residents or foreign students

· Exhibit financial need

· Should register for the Selective Service or exempt from it

Tuition Equalization Grant Program: students planning to get admitted in private nonprofit colleges in Texas are eligible for this program. The maximum amount offered is three to five thousand dollars each. The criteria to get qualified are:

· Should be Texas residents

· Income level and financial need must be as stated

· Should be attending accredited institutions

· Should be pursuing a first college degree

· Must have registered with Selective Service

In addition to these, there are Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Rental Assistance Providers, Vacancy Clearinghouse, Housing Resource Clearinghouse, and Family Medicine Accelerated Track and also numerous educational aid programs initiated by nonprofit organizations like The James I Perkins College of Education Grant, The Charley Wootan Grant, South Texas College of Law Grants and others.

Single Mother Grants in Texas (Financial Assistance for Single Mother in Texas)

Texas offers countless grants for the support and financial assistance of single mothers who are struggling with their lives. The government, state, nonprofit organizations, and recognized associations have made provisions for monetary aid and other resources that cover all the needs and requirements of daily life such as:

· Housing Assistance

· Food and Nutrition

· Child Care Assistance

· Health Care

· College Education

If you are a resident of Texas and in need of financial assistance to cover your basic needs and requirements then you can apply for online grants in Texas. Avail the grants and accomplish your 
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